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Sports For People just like a platform for college children to join up and compete in multiple sports, conducted tournaments for 9 sports at its flag-off event within the D. Y. Patil Stadium, Mumbai. The very first time an inter-school sports tournament was officiated and controlled by particular approved physiques for people 9 sports including ping pong game.

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Ping Pong games at SFA were conducted underneath the aegis of Mumbai City District Ping Pong Association, Mumbai Suburban District Ping Pong Association, Raigad District Ping Pong Association and Thane District Ping Pong Association. And the very first time, an inter-school ping pong championship was officiated and controlled by an approved body within the ping pong game.

The venue for the first tournament – D. Y. Patil Sports Academy, is outfitted with condition-of-the-art sporting infrastructure, vulnerable to conduct a multi-sporting tournament in the magnitude. Supporting the sporting infrastructure really are a couple of other facilities which is distributed around produce a sports-favorable and circus like atmosphere.

  1. Y. Patil Sports Academy (DYPSA) is devoted to judge, development and education in lots of sports, for your exact reason behind developing a center of excellence which will put India across the global stage of competitive sport. They fight to assist the explanation for cricket along with other sports like ping pong champion, tennis, swimming, badminton, squash, volleyball and even more.

The ping pong games arena inside the venue had four tables, suited and calibrated for World- class tournaments. Every match made by participants were adopted video then showcased across the school’s SFA profile and individual participant’s SFA profile.

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The equipments for the ping pong games were Ping Pong Federation asia (TTFI) approved equipments. The ping pong champion organising committee examined the whole tournament within the ping pong championship.

TTFI started around 1926. It’s a founder area of the founder place in the world Ping Pong Federation (ITTF) plus it has elevated the lead within the promotion hanging around in India along with the world. TTFI will get the affiliation of 32 condition units and 37 institutions. TTFI is among the most active of sports federations within the united states . states. India is symbolized through TTFI within the major worldwide titles like Olympic games, World, Commonwealth, Asian and Pro tours.

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