Indoor Golf Game Indoors That is Fun, Challenging and Will Improve Your Game

On Kickstarter there is a golf game for indoors named TIN CUP. If you love playing golf, you will love playing TIN CUP. It is not only fun, it really improves your chipping game. Good chipping is all about muscle memory, and TIN CUP keeps your short game as sharp as possible all year round.

TIN CUP is the new fun indoor golf game that improves your skills in chipping for beginners and pros alike.

Learning the challenges

If you have thought about learning to play golf or wanted to introduce a child and friends to the joys as well as challenge of golf, TIN CUP is a great way to start.

Golf guru

In “Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible” celebrated golf guru, proves statistically that, after a chip or pitch shot, if you are hitting your first putt from outside 6 feet, you have a less than 50/50 chance of sinking it, even if you are a good putter! At 10 feet it drops off to 20% and at 20 feet it drops to 10%. But if your first putt is 6 feet, your probability of holing is at 50% and at 4 feet it is 85%.

Amateur players

Since most amateur players like you and me miss a lot of greens in regulation, we are chipping and pitching around the greens a lot, anywhere from 8 to 14 times a round for many of us. Unless you are getting these shots inside the 6-foot circle regularly, you are dropping strokes all through your round. These are called chip and pitch shots – are “the finesse game” and this has been proven to be the part of the game that is the most important way to lowering your handicap. When you begin hitting these shots regularly within 6 feet, you are going to lower your scores dramatically.

Trying TIN CUP will help you improve your golf game and golf is much more fun when you are good at it.