Guide on Buying Badminton Rackets

As someone very well said about badminton, “Keep calm and smash hard”. As easy it may sound to hear and amazing to visualize it, it takes years and years of practice along with falling down a thousand times, but having the determination and perseverance to get up and start all over again. All those motivation filled words sound really nice to hear, however tough they may be to implement in real life, but there is another factor always at play that is more detrimental in an athlete’s performance- something that we as fans and spectators may not pay much heed to or just avoid it as saying, “It’s nothing but excuses”. This always seemingly invisible factor at work is the ‘quality’ of the equipment available to them. And for badminton players, the one and only piece of equipment whose quality matters the most is the racket. So, let us consider some key factors and points that budding badminton players could or rather should keep in mind before investing their money on a new racket-

  1. Weight

Choosing a racket with the perfect weight is probably THE most essential factor to consider while buying one. If it is too heavy than what you can handle it is only going to twist your wrists at one point or another, and if it is too light it will only feel as if it’s just going to fly away from you with every swing. Both types have their own advantages. A light racket (<90 grams in weight) is more maneuverable and easy to handle while running up and down the court continuously, whereas a heavier racket (>93.5 grams) allows one to hit the shuttle with more power and momentum towards your opponent.

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  1. Material

The material also goes a long way in determining the life and also the weight of the racket. Where some entry-level rackets are made out of steel or aluminum, the better choice of BCM (building and construction material) for a badminton racket would be either carbon-fiber or graphite. Being extremely lightweight, all thanks to the Nanocarbon, such materials are highly durable and allow manufacturers to experiment with things without having to worry about weight becoming a hindrance.

  1. Balance

Just like swords have a balance, so does the sword of badminton. The center of gravity of rackets can lie either towards-

  1. The head which allows for tremendous power to be delivered in all those powerful smashes thrown at the opponent.
  2. Towards the grip which makes the racket comparatively lighter and thus allow for more movement and swift actions, making them a great choice for those who like to give those accurate drops near the net.
  3. Exactly at the center making the racket evenly balanced. Such rackets are extremely suitable for the mixed type of player- someone who likes to smash as much as aiming for precision

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