Cycling To Work? Here’s What You Should Wear

Seeing advocates promoting cycling to help lessen traffic jams is not new. When you scroll through your Facebook timeline, content about this movement will surely pop up somewhere.

The rather broad topic you’d encounter ranges from stats about how it’s helpful to your body to firms and brands like Moa cycling clothing showing innovative and comfort-inducing products. But seeing all these, somewhere at the back of your mind, you might be wondering how those who go cycling — especially those who do this to go to their workplaces — handle all the sweat.

Treat Cycling Like Walking

One common myth about cycling is its inevitable association with sweating. To counter-argue this notion, bike advocates always tell that cycling should be treated like walking — not jogging or running, wherein the concept of too much physical exhaustion is existent.

Unless you’re in a marathon, bike-riding should be a “relaxed” road adventure. Bike commuters advise to just stroll along and pedal as easily as possible. Allot ample time so you can bike through your way to work and arrive without the hassle of being too sweaty.

The Right Clothing

So, you’ve seen your biker friend purchasing another set of Moa cycling clothing. You’ve thought to yourself — if you’ll try this new hobby, what’s the ideal clothing to wear?


Cyclists usually wear tops that are fast-drying. This type of clothing is usually lightweight and will help you get away with the sweating. Others also recommend wearing bright-colored ones so you’re easily visible to other cyclists and motorists who are on the road.


Same with the tops, the bottoms should also be able to dry quickly. Many cyclists invest in “specialized” underwear that is both comfortable to wear and is capable of warding off that unpleasant sweat down there.

Gears and Accessories

Many bikers use a pannier rack to help them carry their luggage. This will take away the burden of straining their shoulders when they carry their backpacks or sling bags.

As for shoes, most cyclists would recommend keeping a pair of office shoes at work (to prevent carrying it every day on your commute).

You should also invest in wet wipes so you can keep yourself fresh once you’ve arrived at work.

Most importantly, you should prioritize your safety by wearing protective gears like a helmet. This will help keep you safe whenever you’re on the road towards work or you’re just cycling to simply exercise and explore the city.

Observing Proper Hygiene

Despite taking it easy while cycling and wearing the right set of clothes or donning your favorite Moa cycling clothing, sweating is inevitable. It’s your body’s natural way of controlling body temperature.

To keep things under control, dermatologists often recommend using “clinical strength” antiperspirants. If you’re an excessive sweater, you can observe proper hygiene by applying this specialized product at night — not just after bath before going to work.

If you want to change from cycling clothes to your office attire, it is recommended to carry your work outfit with you the day before. You should also allot enough time to clean up; use a chamois towel to help you dry off quicker than the usual.

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